About Dave …

Dave Blomsterberg has made a career of transforming peoples’ lives! He turns their obstacles into opportunities, teaches them to reach for great heights and creates a plan of action that rapidly generates happiness they never dreamed possible!

For more than 25 years, his passion has been mentoring and coaching people, working with them to motivate, to inspire and to create their best lives ever. A natural optimist, Dave has an intuitive gift for seeing the ‘win’ in any situation. He’s supported hundreds of individuals to achieve their career, personal, health, financial, family and fitness goals, and to do so with success and ease.

He began his career in the 80s where he first worked as a music industry executive. There he rapidly rose through the ranks and found, that while he loved the music, his true passion was working with people.

Dave got his first taste of coaching when his then boss and mentor, hired a coach to unite the ranks of an industry prone to dysfunction. After just one day of coaching, men and women who had previously been at odds learned to work together and create a cohesive unit. He was hooked!

He continued to work in the music industry while the idea of coaching took seed and grew over a 10 year period. During that time, he learned that success could be simple, and that all you have to do is set your mind to it and take actions.

That’s how he met the love of his life, Tammy! After going through a divorce, he knew that he wanted a loving, supportive and authentic relationship with his perfect partner in life. Once he set his intentions on finding his ideal mate, Tammy came into his life, less than 6 months later they were married. That was 15 years ago! To this day they’re partnership continues to grow and shines by example.

Dave and Tammy both had kids from their previous marriage, along with their child they had together and have succeeded in turning their blended family into a blissful one. Their secret is to communicate, play together, co-create and above all, make sure you’re having FUN!

Dave decided to coach full time. Once the decision was made, in true Dave Blomsterberg style, he pursued coaching with a passion! He’s been going full steam ever since, coaching people worldwide to achieve success with ease!

He works with individuals and speaks to groups, teaching them to focus on what they really want, trust their instincts and take adversities and turn them into opportunities! His clients literally run the gamut, from entrepreneurs to CEOs, from accountants to athletes, from high school students to retirees, from doctors to actors. Dave works with each and every one to overcome limiting beliefs and clear a path to quickly create the life of their dreams!

Living a life of ease today!