WWG: Key Tool for Creating Success!

For more than 25 years, I have taught individuals and groups how to fast-track unprecedented success in their careers, health, finance and more. A key tool in accelerating my clients’ achievements is a simple, yet incredibly powerful acronym – WWG. WWG asks three questions designed to create forward motion.

It stands for:

What do you Want?

What is Working for you?

What are you Grateful for?

WWG encourages creativity and a new and resourceful way of thinking. Once in that resourceful state of mind, go back to the first W “what do you Want” and take Action to create instant momentum toward your desired results!

The truth is, most people focus on the problems in their lives, and can recite a laundry list of things they DON’T want. This creates roadblocks, which stand in the way of achieving success. WWG is a way to concentrate on what you DO WANT. It removes obstacles and creates an attitude that attracts SOLUTIONS!

My clients swear by WWG, and keep reminders of it everywhere – on the dashboard of cars, on the refrigerator and even written on their hands! It’s a simple reminder that any situation can have a positive outcome if you look at things with the right perspective.

When you examine what IS WORKING in any given situation, you’ll usually find that success is much closer than you think. All it takes is a simple change of mindset. When you are working from the place of CHOICE any challenge becomes an opportunity.

Would you Google what you don’t want? No, you search for WHAT you DO WANT. Your brain is the same as your computer. If you focus on what isn’t working for you, you’ll get more of that. But when you focus on what IS … WOW what a shift!

You’re no longer stuck like a hamster on a wheel. All of a sudden, you’re moving in high gear and you’ll find you’ve got plenty to be GRATEFUL for! Answers appear where there once were none. Excuses vanish and suddenly you’re closer than you ever imagined to achieving your goals or a more empowering state of mind. You are easily CREATING POSITIVE CHANGE!

So today remember WWG … What do I Want? What is Working for me? What am I Grateful for? … and propel yourself forward at lightning speed!

Dave Blomsterberg

Living a life of ease today!